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While life is filled with unknowns, there are steps we can take to protect the people we love and the property that we have accumulated through our hard work.

The Law Offices of Michael Spevack, Esq. is committed to helping you achieve this goal in the smartest, most affordable way possible.

Proper planning will inevitably save you hours, weeks and months of misery, confusion, mistakes, and losses of both money and energy.

Every Client Matters-“Globally Minded”

“Integrity Matters”

“Courage to Go Deep”

“Diligence Matters”

Our Estate Planning services are your first defense against catastrophic surprises.

You have found a rather unusual New York Law Firm that can solve your family, real estate and traffic ticket legal needs – all under one roof.

When you call my office you won’t be shuffled around by my staff. You will deal with me, Michael Spevack. Whether it’s wills, trusts, probate, durable powers of attorney, real estate or any family-related legal issues, I am totally committed to your peace of mind.

What Clients Say

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome

Marco Silveira

I strongly believe in Mr. Spevack and his team of very well knowledge and skilled professionals. Thanks Mr Michael and all of your talented professionals.

Marco Silveira


Michael is the best!!!

Fahim Zulfiqar


I can gladly express my confidence in Mike Spevack's legal prowess and I'm damned happy I have experienced it. He's outstanding! Thanks Mike!! Mike is the man - he's professional, clearly experienced, fairly priced, and has helped me so much more than former atty's ever have.



I will recommend him to all my family and friends.



Since hiring Mike in 2010 I don't have to worry anymore. And his prices are fair.



Mike is very good lawyer and he is best at providing a humane service at a very reasonable fee.



I know Michael Spevack as THE BEST attorney in NYC! You'll no doubt find the same satisfaction with his exemplary work.

Douglas Yuschalk


I had a gotten a TLC Summons for running a stop sign, Mike was able to get me 0 pts!

Ariel Wong

Rajib Roni-michael-spevack-law-offices-client

He just got my red light ticket not guilty. Very professional. I forgot to go to court. He assured me not to worry he will take care of it. Thanks Mr. Spevack

Rajib Roni

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Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed

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